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Get in Gear!

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What kind of riding gear do I need?

Get in Gear!

Riding is a great hobby but not one that you should dive into without careful preparation. Before you ride you will need to purchase the right gear to make your experience safe and enjoyable—equine tack stores are a great place purchase the essentials. Here is a guide to dressing for a horseback riding adventure:

• You will need to put on pants with straight legs that are not baggy or extremely tight (riding breeches, straight-legged jeans, or jodhpurs).

• If you are in a warmer climate, wear a light, breathable shirt (cotton is a great choice). If you are in a warmer climate think layers. Wear a long sleeved shirt and slip a sweatshirt or jacket over it.

• ALWAYS wear socks.

• ALWAYS wear a riding helmet.

• Riding gloves can be useful but they aren't necessary. If you do choose to wear them, however, prevent slippage by choosing some with leather palms.



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