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Brushing Does a Body Good

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What is the correct way to brush a horse's body and legs?

Brushing Does a Body Good

Brushing is obviously an essential part of the horse grooming process but are you going about it in the correct way? If you're rubbing your horse the wrong way you could do more damage than good.

Starting with the horse's body, use circular, smooth strokes to remove dirt and debris from the coat with a grooming mitt or rubber currycomb. In order to loosen mud, brush against the hair shaft with the your chosen grooming tool. Next, use remove debris and dirt from the body of the animal using a dandy brush and brushing in downward stokes. After you feel that you have removed the majority of the dirt from the animal, brush the animal's body using a body brush and moving in long strokes. Use a metal shedding blade to eliminate excess hair between strokes.

When you begin grooming a horse's legs, be extremely careful not to frighten him. Alert him gently of your presence by rubbing your hand on his leg before you begin brushing. Also, be careful not to brush harshly as this may bruise or scrape his skin. Use a soft body brush for this area as it tends to be sensitive. While grooming, be on the lookout for abrasions, lesions, bumps, or spots that might indicate a health problem.



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