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Grooming Checklist

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What do I need to properly groom my horse?

Grooming Checklist

Before you get to work beautifying your equine, gather all of your horse grooming supplies. Keep in mind that for health reasons you will need separate horse grooming kit for each animal—this will lessen the risk of spreading disease and infection. It's also a good idea to keep all supplies in one location so that you're not scouring the barn or stable in search of every tool (a tote can be quite helpful). Here is a list of grooming supplies that you will need to properly maintain your horse:

• Rubber currycomb
• Metal shedding blade
• Soft brush
• Grooming mitt
• Grooming sponge
• Soft body brush
• Soft face brush
• Dandy brush
• Body brush
• Plastic comb
• Detangler
• Mane Tamer
• Bot knife
• Sunscreen
• Hoof pick with brush
• Hoof dressing
• Fly repellant
• Shine spray



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