June 29, 2001, Newsletter Issue #44: The Budweiser Clydesdales and Wagon Trains

Tip of the Week

The BUDWEISER CLYDESDALES ARE WORLD FAMOUS! A brief description of the conformation is listed below, but more information about these magnificent horses can also be seen at http://communities.msn.com/goodgofarm then go to the Breed of the Week for more information from the Anheuser-Busch Budweiser Clydesdales and their home site full of information of these beautiful horses.

Body Shape

A horse’s body is adapted for speed. Other animals, such as antelope, are as fast as the horse, but not nearly as large.

The Clydesdale is an immensely strong, barrel-chested horse. It was originally bred for hauling coal and doing farm work.


The most common Clyudesdale colors are bay (a deep mahogany brown) and brown, though some are gray and black. White markings on the face, legs, and sometimes on the body are typical of this breed.


Horses are cursorial (adapted for running). They’re adapted to a mobile open-country existence.

2. Specializations of the leg and foot enable these animals to be swift and strong runners.
a. In the forelegs, the ulna is reduced in size so that all the weight is carried by the radius. The radius and ulna are fused.
b. In the hindlegs, the fibula is reduced in size so that all the weight is supported by the tibia. The tibia and fibula are fused.

Wagon Trains and Wagon Driving

" As we continued on, my teeth were clamped tightly together, my eyes stinging with the constant grit accumulating in them, and I was feeling anxious to get out of the harsh winds and dust. We all gained more respect and insight into the words spoken in diaries 150 years ago about the dirt blowing and beating the poor pioneers nearly to death, if not into insanity." August 6, 1999 taken from one of the many diaries of the Historic site of Wagon Trains covering america in the 1800`s.

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