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The Oldenburg

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who were other breeders responsible for the Oldenburg?

The Oldenburg

Graf Anton Gunther von Oldenburg (1603 - 1667), who became even more famous than his predecessor, traveled extensively throughout Europe and brought back to Oldenburg the elegant stallions of Naples, Spain, Poland, England, Tartary, and Barbary. Graf Anton Gunther permitted his tenants and other commoners to use his stallions, and soon the 17th Century Oldenburgs were in great demand throughout Europe, serving as elegant riding horses and tall, very attractive carriage horses. Leopold I, King of the Holy Roman Empire, rode through Vienna on his wedding day astride a black Oldenburg stallion. He was followed by his wife who sat in a splendid carriage pulled by eight ermine colored Oldenburgs. Anton Gunther was famous for his traditional dressage riding, most notably the passage on his famous Oldenburg stallion, Kranich.



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