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Why do i bounce in the canter?


these riding tips on canter feel will help you to develop a better body control and position.
KNEES- while tightening the muscle on the front of your calf , and keeping your upper body balanced over your heels ,relax in your knee joints, they are your shock absorption, and feel the movement of the horse in your knees.
HIPS- Remember the feeling in your hips when swinging on a swing and how u moved your hips, pushing the swing higher on the upswing, and relaxing them on the back swingand apply this movement to the motion of the canter stride.
Excercises can be used to help soften and loosen the hip and knee to teach you the canter feel.
Try standing one stride in the canter and and very LIGHTLY sitting in the saddle for the next stride. this will appear to be almost a posting in the canter. As this becomes easy, sit two strides then stand one.



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