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The Oldenburg

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the Preliminary Selection leads into what processes for an Oldenburg?

The Oldenburg

Following selection based on conformation and type, young privately owned stallions spend approximately 100 days at the government-owned and-operated testing station at Adelheidsdorf, near Celle, or Medingen, West Germany. During this training period, under the control of a government-employed rider, the young stallion's character, disposition, willingness to work, and temperament are carefully observed and noted. In the performance test the stallion demonstrates his endurance, speed, jumping ability, general courage, manner of going and rideability. Only after passing demanding performance tests are the young stallions finally approved for breeding. A horse that may be handsome enough to be initially approved for breeding but that does not pass the performance test can not receive final breeding stock status. Those horses, therefore, who qualify, are truly identified as the finest representatives of the breed.



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