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The Swedish Warmblood-Registry Establishment

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how did the Swedish Warmblood Registry begin?

The Swedish Warmblood-Registry Establishment

Due to differences in requirements between the two largest users of horses in Sweden, the army and farmers, the breeding program was divided. Importations were made of stallions of Throughbred, Anglo-Norman, Hanoverian and Trakehner breeds to improve the horses used by the military . In order to direct the breeding efforts and to consolidate the different breeds the Swedish government began an examination system in 1874. This resulted in several excellent saddle breeds including the Swedish Warmblood.

The Swedish Warmblood Association (SWA) was formed in 1928 by breeders, encouraged by the army, to promote the development of uniform mares of high standard. The army stopped using horses in the 1970's and the breeding program has since been fully in the hands of the SWA.



11/30/2006 11:47:37 AM
crystal said:

what is the body description of the swedish warmblood?


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