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The Friesian Horse-Current Popularity

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Are Friesian horses good all round horses?

The Friesian Horse-Current Popularity

Audiences love the Friesian horse and because of their can't-get-enough-of them crowd appeal, they are now seen everywhere, in all the major equestrian events throughout North America. And when a distinctive horse is required to set a tone in a movie the Friesian is called on to create that historical or mystical illusion.

North America is 'in love' with the Friesian horse whether it is as an an unsurpassed carriage horse, a striking dressage mount, an amazing circus horse of simply as a beloved family pet. Because of all the growth and enthusiasm- with all that's been accomplished in the last 25 years the four Friesian Horse Clubs spanning the West Coast are joining together to' produce the greatest Friesian horse event in North America, ..ever. In celebration of the Golden Age of the Friesian



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