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Appaloosa Horse - Coat Colors

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what are the recognized coat colorings accepted by the Appaloosa Horse

Appaloosa Horse - Coat Colors

Base Coat Colors - The Appaloosa Horse Club recognizes the following thirteen base colors:

Bay -Dark Bay-Dark Brown-Black-White-Buckskin-Chestnut-Dun-Gray-Grulla-Palomino-Red Roan-Bay Roan-Blue Roan

It is not always easy to predict the color a grown horse will be from the shade it appears to have as a foal. Most foals are born with lighter colored coats than they will have when they shed their baby hair, with the exception of gray horses, which are born dark and progressively become lighter. Most foals will start to lose fuzzy baby hair around their eyes, nostrils and at the base of the tail fist, followed by the legs. Look for smooth hair in these areas - the color of this hair will usually indicate the foal's ermanent color. If the foal coat on the legs is replaced by chestnut hair and the mane and tail are not black, the foal will most likely be a chestnut. If the foal coat is replaced by black hair on the legs, expect a bay. Most often, a black horse is born mousy gray.



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