Horse - Leg Markings

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What are the lrecognized eg markings of the Appaloosa Horse?

Horse - Leg Markings

Leg Markings
Leg markings are important in identification.

Heel: A horse has only one heel on each hoof. A white marking may be found across the entire heel or just on one side.
Coronet: The coronet occurs as the first inch above the hoof and extends all around the hoof including the heel.
Pastern: A pastern extends from the top of the hoof to the bottom of the ankle or fetlock joint. A pasterns marking which is irregular and extends to the ankle joint at only one point is called a partial pastern.
Half-Pastern: A white marking that extends to midway between the coronet and the ankle.
Ankle: An ankle marking extends from the top of the hoof to the top of the ankle joint.
Stocking: Any white marking extending from the hoof and covering the leg up to or above the knee or hock is considered a stocking , also known as a full stocking
Half-Stocking: This white mark extends from the top of the hoof to the midway point on the cannon bone, not the midway point from the ground to the knee or hock. Partial markings can occur in both the stocking and half-stocking categories.
Lightning Marks: Irregular white markings on the legs that do not contact the hoof.



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