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Riding 2yr Olds

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Can you ride a 2 yr old horse?

Riding 2yr Olds

riI`m sure this is a silly question, but please answer it. It sure is a stupid argument, but it might save my marriage. I am under the impression that horses can`t be ridden until they are 4 years old, but my husband brought up the point that there are races for two and three year olds. I think that means two years of racing, because horses aren`t full-grown at two. Will you please explain? Thank you, Sally
Sally, Yes, your husband is correct. Racehorses are broken to ride the winter of their yearling year so that they can begin race training the Spring of their second year. Some are even started sooner, so that they can be racing on the 2nd year. Most standard Riding Horses are not put under saddle though until the winter of the 2nd year, and only once or twice per week and only for very short periods of time (15 minutes or less...just so they get used to the feel of it all). Thank you for your question, and no question is a silly one. Sorry that you lost the bet though! Bye, Best, Mary/Hardman



8/20/2007 6:21:17 PM
sierra said:

yes you can start ridding them but a lil tip the longer you wait to ride the horse the longer you can ride them its much better for them seeing as there bones are not fully developed thats why race horses have so many problems


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