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Native Americans Breaking Horses

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I`d like information about Native Americans breaking horses by working

Native Americans Breaking Horses

I`d like information about Native Americans breaking horses by working with them in water.
Hi! Yes, that is the way that they broke horses. The more unruly, the deeper the water. It works. Anything that they wanted to do in training a horse, they would drive the horses into a body of water where they had to swim. Preferably a canyon with a deep body of water in the center of it. Enclose the canyon, and then taking "already broke horses" they would run the un-broke horse into the water, and corner it while still in the water, slip on their bridle, and then have someone slide onto its back and then maneuver the un-broke horse up and down stream until the fight was gone (exausted by swimming in deep water with a rider) and then let it back up onto land. The entire ordeal, the un-broke horse would view the broken horses with riders, bridles, etc. and by the time that horse was allowed out of the water, it was broken too. Since in those days horses were more expected to run with the group being ridden, not often did one be expected or required to perform in Dressage, Reining or the like; all that was required of a horse, was that the horse become rideable. This worked~!



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