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Foaling Questions

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How would you care for an orphaned suckling foal? How long does each h

Foaling Questions

It`s me again!!! I`m sorry to bother you, but I`m taking a really important test and I don`t know a lot of the answers! How would you care for an orphaned suckling foal? How long does each heat for a Mare horse last? What is "coming into season"? What is called "winking"? When is the afterbirth supposed to be expelled after foaling? What does the foal need to be injected against in it`s first 24 hours of life? When is it best to geld a colt? What is a breech-birth? How can you tell if the mare is ready to breed?
Hi! An orphaned foal is best if you can find a Thoroughbred Breeding farm that has a seasoned mare that can nurse two, or who has lost a foal. When that doesn't help, even a Donkey or a Mule or a Goat can nurse the foal. When all else fails, bottle nurse a foal with Goats Milk. Goats Milk has the highest fat ratio content, and is the closest match to Mare's milk; which is needed to aid in growth in new born foals not with the mother. A mare is individual in heat length, from 0ne to three to six to nine days. Coming Into Season is when the mare shows signs of having her reproductive fertility time coming on, or her "season". Winking is what the vulva of a mare does when the mare is in "season". The afterbirth MUST be expelled within 4 hours...but usually anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours, the sooner the better and if not; you must call a Veterinarian to prescribe Oxytocin (a shot to cause the uterus to contract) in order to release the after birth from the uterus. The foal must be protected from Tetanus immediately after birth. Either give the mare a shot 30 days prior to delivery or the Vet can treat the foal within hours of birth for a Tetanus (temporary) immunity. It is best to geld a colt between 6 and 9 months of age; slightly after weaning, yet not long enough that he starts to recognize his sexuality. A breech birth is when the rear end comes out first, not the head & front hooves. The mare will not object to the stallion's presence. She will even allow him to nip at her flanks. Okay, I think that you are supposed to be researching for school? Nite, Mary.



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