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Pros & Cons of Types of Fencings

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Are there advantages or disadvantages in fencing in a horse using stee

Pros & Cons of Types of Fencings

Are there advantages or disadvantages in fencing in a horse using steel rails rather than wood or plastic? The size of the rail in all cases would be 1" thick x 6" wide x 10-ft in length. What is the dollar value of all fence products used to fence horses? Is there a national trade show for equestrian, farm-ranch products? I appreciate your response, and Regards Fred Mayer
Fred, HI~! Depending upon your area, the cost effectiveness of steel vs. wood you will have to check on. Again, the steel if it is fully treated (to prevent the destroyer of steel...which is rust) then steel far outweighs wood. You just need to price in your area, as well as a painted preventative to rusting, and in a non toxic paint if horses do grab ahold of the steel. Horses LOVE to chew wood, and depending on how much of it you need, the two best preventatives to chewing wood, are: 1) to lace the wood with hot wire (or as I term it, make the wood appear as though protected by FORT KNOX WIRING) or..... 2) paint the wood with used automotive or truck oil, and then wait for a rain to wash the ugly brown off (I guess after two days you could mist the brown off with a hose, only just use a light mist setting for the hose nozzle)....if you have white boards; or if you have Kentucky Brown Boards (no one will notice the stain of the oil). The oil staining will wash off with one rain. But the residue from the oil remains about 6 months (depending on the amount of rain you receive though), and then you just repaint the boards again with the used Automotive oil. I have found that creosote, horses will chew on after a couple of days, whereas the used Automotive oil, they will bite into and never touch again. The best Trade Show in the world is Equi-fair. Go to my Top Horse Sites section, and under the Links, the category titled: Horse Shows/County Fairs/Trade Fairs you will find several of the top (largest) Equine/Agricultural Trade Fairs in the USA. Hope this helps, Mary.



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