Sample Diet For A Racehorse

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What would be a sample diet for a Racehorse?

Sample Diet For A Racehorse

In feeding horses, the higher the energy content, usually the higher the energy level of the horse increases.

For racehorses, usually corn mixes are fed. Corn is the highest energy resource in equine diets.

A sample daily ration for a Racehorse could be:
(given the horse is a moderate keeper, 16 hands tall, 1500 lbs., sent out only once per day, to work for 15/20 minutes).

2 - 24 quart buckets filled with water. Filled/Monitored (usually 2X daily).

Haynet kept FILLED with high quality local hay (usually 2X daily is necessary).

One 24 quart grain bucket kept filled with alfalfa cubes (usually 2X daily is necessary).

One 24 quart grain bucket (fed 2X Daily) of:
Two 5 lb. coffee cans of sweet feed,
One coffee can of soaked beet pulp,
1 cup Rice Bran,
1 half cup of ground flax seed.
Vitamins as per the needs of the horse as prescribed by the Veterinarian, and the particular needs as viewed by condition.

A flake of Alfalfa upon returning to the stall from working; A flake of Alfalfa at last feeding (and stall check for the night).

High performance horses that are moderate to hard keepers, need to have a balance between energy, and roughage, with feed available to them at all times of the day/night.

Sweet feed is flavorful, high in calories, and high in energy production;
beet pulp is flavorful, and slows down the digestion rate;
rice bran adds in slowing of the digestion, adds oil for digestion, and the coat enhancement;
ground flax seed adds in oil for digestion, and coat enhancement.
Specific vitamins as prescribed for that particular horse as viewed from condition at work, and by the Veterinarian knowing the horse, and the work regime will be necessary as well.



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