Intermediate Jumping Course

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Sample for a beginning level intermediate course, at schooling show?

Intermediate Jumping Course

Intermediate Hunter/Jumper Course of 2'3" to 2'9": Enter at the In-gate, riding a lap of the arena to set pace/impulsion on the right lead. First fence located at "C" a double crosspole oxer of 2'3"....(this fence is also fence #7 on the same lead,). At "M" change rein to "K". Fence #2 is 1/3 through the diagonal, a small vertical of 2'3" of 3 rails. Fence #3 is 2/3 through the diagonal, small barrels of 2'9" with a top rail; stride between is 4. At "K" proceed on the left lead to "A" where is located fence #4, a small oxer of 2'3". Stay on track, continue to "F" where is fence #5 (on the left lead/fence #9 on the right lead, so must be a double level crosspole oxer with no ground line). From "F" to "H" change rein, with fence #6 (slightly past the center track from "X" to avoid the track between fence #2 & fence #3). At "H" continue on track to "C" (Fence #1) and this is NOW fence #7. Stay on track to "M", the fence #8, a Vertical of Planks (2'3" of two planks w/pole on the top). Continue on track on the right lead to "F" and fence #5 & NOW #9 (from the opposite direction as it was jumped as #5).

Have fun~!



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