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Choosing A Farrier

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How Do I Go About Finding A Competant Farrier?

Choosing A Farrier

Look for any changes in gait, extension, placement after shoeing in horses done by a particular Farrier.

When prospecting a Farrier, go and view several horses at different locations that he has shod. Ask the owners for their comments and if they noticed any changes. Good & Bad.

Ask Local Veterinarians (or the staff) if they can recommend Farriers.

Ask recommendations from particular disciplines similar to what you are wanting to compete with your horse at.

Contact Farrier Schools (the school however often will only say whether or not a student passed the course and is certified).

Ask the Farrier, when & where he/she attends clinics or seminars or further training. Ask where they received their education and experience. Ask for Trade References.

Be Sure You & Your Horse Are Happy, even simply throwing shoes before the 6-8 wk. reshoe is often the result of sloppy/incorrect shoeing!



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