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Choosing A Children's Camp

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Is There Some Suggestions For Children´s Camps?

Choosing A Children's Camp

This tip or 12 points, is centered around Horse/Equestrian Camps for Children, either for the summer, spring break, weekly or seasonal.

1) Day or Residence.
2) Do they belong to or know of a youth group; boy scout or girl guide, YMCA or YWCA for referrals. Christian Camping International is at
3) Is the Camp accredited, and by whom. ACA ensure a high level of standards for day and residence camps. ACA is at or 1-800-428-CAMP.
4) Ratio of Campers to the Counsellors. Younger children should have a fewer number of counsellors per number of children...6/8 yrs.=6 per; 9/14 yrs.= 8 per.
5) Length of Camp, 5-7 days is the normal length.
6) Are visitors (family) allowed. This is not an unreasonable request! You should be allowed in advance or at the time of commencement to view all of the facilities offered!
7) What is their return rate!!! High indicates large satisfaction from families & children! Ask for Name & Telephone Number of previous satisfied families for references.
8) Who is the Camp Director? Qualifications? Education? Specialization? Length of Time there?
9) What is the Camper/Horse ratio? 3 hrs. spent in atletic activities is considered to the be norm/minimum.
10) What other activities are offered? Development of several areas is recommended.
11) Riding Instructor's Qualifications? Experience? Eduation? Length of Time there?
12) Cost? The average for day camps is $10-$50. and, the average for Residence is $15-$125. per day.
Remember, you should be able to view the entire facility, and have references that you can personally contact for information/recommendation....they are keeping your children w/o you!!!



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