Christmas Shopping For HORSEY Children

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Buying Show/Riding Clothes Is Sooo Expensive!

Christmas Shopping For HORSEY Children

Top 10 Gift Requests For PeeWee`s (under 10) and Juniors (10 to 15yrs.)


1) Breyers Model Horses.

2) Horse Story Books, Coloring Books, etc.

3) Horsey T-Shirts, Horsey Nighties, etc.

4) Horsey CD Games, Screen Savers, Boardgames, etc.

5) Horsey Posters, Wall Hangings for Children rooms.

6) Horse Grooming Products in Stockings...(hoof picks, braiding combs, braiding rubber bands, horse cookies.)

7) Horsey Calendars.

8) Horsey Videos, more of the story type than educational or of a training nature.

9) Stuffed Horses.

10) Regulation Equestrian Helmet.


1) Horsey Jewelry for Teens (friendship bracelet,etc.)

2) Horsey Clothing, such as T`s & Sweatshirts, breeches.

3) New & Colorful Halter & Leadrope w/fuzzies.

4) Horsey Notepaper, or notepads, or horsey post-its.

5) Horsey CD Roms, Screen savers, or mouse pads.

6) Horsey & schooling videos or of the Olympics or Rolex or prestigious Horse Shows such as the American Royal or Devon.

7) Breed Information or Resources, and Posters.

8) Horsey Calendars or Diary.

9) Horsey Grooming Products in Stocking (such as above).

10) Book of Lessons at "favorite stable or coach".



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