Schooling Show Check List Of Necessities

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What Do We Need For A Horse Show or Schooling Show?

Schooling Show Check List Of Necessities

You will need:
Jacket, over jacket in cool weather, hat, boots, paddock boots, breeches/pants/chaps, shirt, stock/tie, stockpin/rosette, hairnet, bobbypins, make up, earings. Track suit, or sweats, shorts & jeans for afterwards.

Saddle, saddlepad, girth, bridle w/bit, 2nd bit, crop, spurs, wraps or jumping boots, bell boots, cooler.

Halter, leadrope, lungeline, draw or side reins?

Curry or grooma, dandy brush, body brush, face brush, hoofpick, hoof balsam or hoof black, baby oil, fly spray, fly mask, bucket (one for cleaning & one for drinking), sponge, towels, hay, haynet, treats (carrots or apples or horse cookies), water in container that ice cubes can be added.

Show flyer, class list, entry forms, check or cash.



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