Simplify your control with three basic leg aids

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What are the most simple ways to use your legs to control your horse?

Simplify your control with three basic leg aids

Understanding the three basic leg aids used to signal a horse will make controlling your horse much easier! All horses, unless they have been spoiled or abused, will react in basically the same way to these three natural leg signals. Three basic legs aids are:

1. Urging leg – used to urge the horse forward
The leg is used slightly behind the girth.
Example: Asking the horse to transition from a walk to a trot.

2. Bending leg – used to bend the horse around a turn
The leg is used at the girth.
Example: Used in cooperation with the urging led to turn the horse. Use of the bending leg will require the horse to carry itself balanced through the turn rather than falling in on his shoulder or evading by just bending his neck.

3. Displacing leg – used to control the hind quarters
The leg is used well behind the girth.
Example: Used often in a turn on the forehand to ask the horse to move his hindquarters.



9/6/2009 4:55:07 AM
JD said:

Bending leg - This doesnt help me to know which leg to use as the urging and which to use as the bending as you don't explain which legs to use for turning either right or left.


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