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Buttercups and Horses

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how poisonous are buttercups to horses and how long after the buttercups hav been sprayed until the horses can go back on 2 graze. thankyou, x

Buttercups and Horses

While buttercups are dangerous to most animals, the plant doesn't taste good to them so most will avoid it when they have plenty of hay or other grass to consume. The immediate reaction to eating a buttercup is oral irritation. Treatment is not usually necessary unless severe problems such as colic or bloody stool is present. If buttercups are a pasture problem, mowing or treatment of the field is an option. Check the information on the chemicals used for eradication to determine when the field will be safe for animals again.



5/28/2007 3:57:09 AM
sarah said:

my field is full of butter cups and i want to know is it the hole plant or just the flower and what can i do to remove them? do i have to weight for a certain time of year to treat the efectively


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