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Tacking Properly

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What does tacking involve?

Tacking Properly

Before putting that Australian tack on your horse, there are some important steps you should take. Tacking a horse includes grooming as well as putting on the riding equipment. Here is a little walk through of the things you should do before saddling up:

• Begin by approaching the animal from the left

• Put a halter on the horse

• Gently rub your hand down the animal's front leg, and squeeze the rear side of the animal's fetlock. Then, pick up his foot so the bottom of the hoof is visible.

• Use downward motions to clean mud and debris from the hoof with a hoof pick. Repeat this process on the other three feet.

• Using a dandy brush, remove mud and sweat from the horse. Be sure that you make short strokes that go with the grain of the hair. If you want you can use a body brush to finish the look off.

• Using a moist sponge, clean the horse's face (mouth, eye, nostrils). Then, use a fresh sponge to clean the area beneath the tail.



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