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Testing, One...Two...

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How do I perform a safety test on my bridle?

Testing, One...Two...

Safety first! Before sliding an Australian bridle on your horse's head, it's in your best interest to perform a safety test. Begin by twisting and bending all of the straps, looking for cracks or flakes. If you see cracks, it's a good idea to replace the damaged piece before it splits completely on a ride. Check every portion of leather in the bridle, giving extra attention to places that are consistently under pressure, like where the bit meets the rein. If you find damage in high-pressure areas, consider it a red flag. This is the point where you should invest in a brand new rein set.

The next step is to examine every part of the stitching, taking extra time and care on the rein stitching. If you have your own tools (awls are particularly useful for this reason) you may be able to repair the damage yourself. If you don't have a clue what you're doing don't try to fix it! It's better to be safe and take the repairs to a professional.

Next, examine the bit in search of damaged edges that will irritate your horse's fragile lips and mouth. You will want to replace a damaged bit immediately. Finally, check each and every buckle on your bridle in search of rust or bending. If all is clear, you're ready to go!



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