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Make That Silver Shine

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How should I clean my silver tack pieces?

Make That Silver Shine

In addition to the maintenance of the leather parts of Australian saddles, you also want to care for your silver pieces. It doesn't matter how great that leather looks if the hardware around it is only giving off a lackluster glow.

To begin, put a tiny drop of polish on a flannel cloth (or a piece of a flannel shirt). Use large strokes to massage the polish onto your hardware. It's smart to start in the beginning of each piece rather than the edges to avoid staining the leather. Then, when you reach the edges of the silver, use tiny, delicate strokes. If your silver appears black due to residue, allow the polish to sit for 15 minutes. If the silver has a dull appearance, only let the polish sit for 5 minutes. To remove the polish completely, rub it away with a clean, flannel rag.

If you happen to get polish on the leather, apply a glass cleaner to a clean rag and swipe it across the leather in one motion. This should remove the black smudge. Be sure to swipe not rub or you will only work the polish deeper into the leather.



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