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What's That Awl About?

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How can I adjust a saddle that is sagging?

What's That Awl About?

If you've taken the time to research the benefits of owning Australian stock saddles, then you should take the time to care for the one you purchase. It's essential to awl your saddle frequently in order to balance the saddle and stop the stuffing from becoming too rigid. So, if your saddle begins to sag in the front, which is common, you should awl the stuffing so that it is evenly distributed throughout the saddle—this will bring the saddle back to its original state.

The same can be done if the back of the saddle begins to sag (which is highly unlikely). If the saddle is ill fitting, you can adjust the stuffing to make a better fit. Awling can't work miracles so if you have a hopeless saddle to begin with this will not do the trick—awling is for making adjustments, not complete makeovers.

If you do not own a saddler's awl, you can create a makeshift awl out of a thin-shank Phillips head screwdriver. First, sharpen the screwdriver until it comes to a smooth, sharp point. You can then use fine-grain paper to complete the task.

*A garden weeder can also be used as a stuffing rod.



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