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Dressage Competitions

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What kinds of competition are in a dressage event?

Dressage Competitions

There's a lot more to know about English riding than which saddles to buy, and the appropriate English riding apparel. English riding is a difficult sport to perfect, even when you get down to the basics. Displaying controlled skills on a horse is called "dressage." Dressage is the basis for all other forms of riding. The truth is, however, that dressage is quite complicated—so much, in fact, that there are dressage competitions. Think you're up to par? Here are some typical ménage patterns in a dressage competition:

• Piaffe: A trot in place

• Piourette: The act of successfully turning in place while cantering. The horse should make the smallest possible circle by turning on it's hind legs.

• Half Pass: The horse will go diagonally, moving forward and sideways simultaneously at a trot. The side legs should move out, while the remaining legs cross over.

• Flying Lead Changes: The horse will canter, changing leads between strides—it resembles skipping.



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