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Find the Perfect Fit

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How should I fit an English saddle?

Find the Perfect Fit

When shopping for English saddles, it's important that you get a saddle that is a good fit for your horse. To ensure that a saddle is a good fit for your animal, fit it on your horse. Follow the guide below to fit your horse:

• Place the saddle on the horse (don't use a pad) and tighten the girth.
• Have someone sit in the saddle and put their feet in the stirrups
• Put your fingers under the pommel and make sure you can squeeze three fingers between the pommel's arch and the withers.
• Have a friend lift the animal's foreleg and pull it forward while you place your hand between the pommel and the summit of the horse's shoulder blade, repeat on the other side. The saddle should not obstruct shoulder movement in this process.
• Stand behind the horse and glance underneath the saddle, you should be able to see light when the animal's head is down. If you can't see any light, the saddle is too tight.
• The saddle shouldn't hang down to the animal's loins or it is too long.



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