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Jumping Hints

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How can I jump better?

Jumping Hints

So you've stocked up on English tack and supplies, but will that help you become a better jumper? Not likely. Jumping can be difficult to master but, practice makes perfect.

If you are an inexperienced rider you should use a neck strap on the horse so that you will not panic and yank on the reins, poking the animal in the mouth with the bit.

In the approach, sit down completely in the saddle, keeping your legs close to the horse. It is important that you support your weight with your legs, more specifically your feet and thighs, instead of your hands. Do not look down, and be gentle with the reins—let the horse move his neck and head freely.

As soon as the horse starts to lift off of the ground, lean your body forward and bring yourself out of the saddle slightly. When the animal is completely in the air, follow his mouth gently with the reins. At the same time, move your body slightly forward to help keep your balance. When the horse lands, allow your body to resume the standard riding position.



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