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Bit by Bit

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How should I selsct a bit for my horse?

Bit by Bit

You can buy bits anywhere from online discount equine supply stores to local high-end tack stores. The truth is, however, that unless you get a bit that is a correct fit for your horse, you're wasting your time and money. You will need to take into consideration your horse's specific facial conformation before deciding what bit width you'll need:

• Bits range anywhere from 3 ½ ‘' to 5 ½ ‘' in width and can be found to accommodate any horse from a tiny pony to a towering Clydesdale. Keep in mind that some horses will have much more narrow muzzles that others and will need a much narrower bit.

• Single jointed snaffles should be fitted in such a way that they leave ¼ ‘' between the animal's lips and the bit ring. If the bit is too narrow, it may pinch the lips as soon as the reins are used—this will be painful for the horse. On the other hand, if a bit is too wide it will slide around and cause bruising in the horse's mouth and on his lips.

• Loosening or tightening the cheek pieces of the bridle can adjust the height of a bit. If they are perfectly adjusted, a few small wrinkles will appear in the corner of the horse's mouth.



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