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Don't Jump the Gun on Blanketing

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How soon after a workout can I blanket my horse?

Don't Jump the Gun on Blanketing

Winter can be a harsh time for your horse and it is a good idea to protect him. If your horse is often exposed to frigid temperatures, cold winds, or freezing rain, it's a good idea to blanket him with a quality blanket, like a Weatherbeeta. Do not, however, jump the gun. If you have just ridden your horse or he has been working himself is not completely cooled down, DO NOT blanket him yet. It is best to blanket your horse only after he has had a chance to cool down completely. Additionally, his hair should be completely dry before you cover it with any kind of material—unless a blanket is permeable, it will catch moisture and trap it next to the animal's skin.

To help your horse dry more quickly; wipe him with a clean, dry towel. Another idea is to throw q wool or acrylic cooler over the horse when walking him after a workout—this will absorb some of the moisture.



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