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Protect Your Noggin

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How should I choose a helmet?

Protect Your Noggin

Nobody ever said that headgear was stylish or sexy. That does not mean, however, that you should skip out on wearing a riding helmet. Regardless of your expertise, every rider is bound to take a spill once in a while. And, for this reason, a good helmet should be at the top of your horse supplies list! Owning a helmet, however, is only half the battle. Here are some tips to help you use it correctly:

Always check to see if your helmet is level—the visor should never tilt in any direction. If your hair is lengthy, don't attempt to bunch it under your helmet. Instead, pull it into a ponytail at the nape of your neck.

Make sure it fits correctly! It should feel snug all over. To test the snugness of a riding helmet, move it from side to side. Do your eyebrows and scalp move with it? They should! If they do not, get a smaller size.

Shape matters! If a helmet fits tightly on your brow but you are still able to move it from side to side, it is likely too round for the shape of your head. Along the same lines, if it is snug on the sides of your head but rocks on the brow, it's too much of an oval shape for your head. If you have a problem fitting correctly into a helmet, use fitting pads to help adjust the helmet.

How's the brim on that thing? The brim of a helmet should sit ½ to one inch above the eyebrows. If it doesn't, adjust accordingly.



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