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Guide, Don't Gag!

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What should I look for in a bit?

Guide, Don't Gag!

In case you are unfamiliar with the term, the bit is the metal mouthpiece of a bridle that is used to control, curb, and guide an animal.

Often times people are confused by bits and the correct manner in which they should be used. Just because a horse is a large animal, however, does not mean that the amount of pressure that the bit creates should be as large. This is a very incorrect assumption. You are trying to lead, not gag, the horse!

The truth is that there are not that many surfaces in a horse's mouth where pressure can be applied. Instead of focusing on covering a large area, a bit focuses on complex applications that allow pressure to be directed to the few places of the mouth where complex communication can be created.

When shopping for a bit, don't focus on size. Instead, look for a quality, well-constructed pieces of equipment. Keep in mind that the bit must be shaped in a way that will allow it to fit correctly in the mouth—this will better help the animal to understand what is being communicated to him during training.



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