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Prepare for Shows

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What do I need for a horse show?

Prepare for Shows

Horse shows take preparation, are you ready for yours? If you're uncertain about what kinds of horse show supplies you need, read and learn. Here's a checklist that you should always refer to:

• Hay

• Hay net

• Grain (measure out all meals and supplements and put them in labeled individual baggies)

• 2 water buckets per horse

• Bucket hook per bucket

• Stall guard

• A bunch of screw eyes

• Small tool kit: screwdriver, string, thumbtacks, bungie cords, WD 40, flashlight, 3x5 cards for posting emergency information on stall, double end snaps, Vaseline (for greasing trailer hitch ball), adjustable wrench, hammer and nails

• Feed dish

• Muck bucket

• Stall picker

• Fan for hotter weather

• Blanket for colder weather

• Sweat sheet or cooler in winter

• Portable chairs

• Hose and nozzle

• Walkie talkies to turn to stay in touch with assistants

• 2 leads

• 2 halters

• Saddle holder

• Bridle/halter holder that is capable of hanging on a stall door

• Horse treats

• Lunging gear

• Usual iding gear - saddle, bridle, girth, pad, whip, etc.

• Show clothes

• Rain Gear

• Cold weather gear

• Grooming gear

• Sponge and wash bucket

• Saddle/boot cleaning products

• Helmet

• Hairclips, hair clips, and mirror

• Wheel chocks for trailer if disconnecting

• Proof of memberships - copies of GMO and USDF cards for both horse and rider, AHSA/USA Equestrian card for rider

• USA Equestrian horse recording document, coggins

• Dressage tests



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