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Western Style Riding

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What is Western riding?

Western Style Riding

Western style riding is inclusive of trail riding, competitions (rodeo, barrel racing, pole bending) and show classes like reining and pleasure. Western riding is often thought of as a less formal style of riding than English riding.

Western horse moves can differ greatly from those taught to English style trained horses. For example, a competitive Western horse will be taught to do a roll-back. Additionally, there's a good chance a Western horse will be taught to do reining where he slides to a stop—an English style horse will not be trained to do these things. A Western horse will additionally be taught to neck rein (moving in whichever direction the rider indicates by applying rein pressure to the neck).

And, as you can imagine, Western apparel differs greatly from English apparel—you wouldn't wear the same thing in an English jumping competition as you would in a rodeo!



1/5/2007 9:51:48 PM
whitney patterson said:

wow thank you so much me and my horse truly appreciate the tip! we've wanted to compete we just didn't no very many other options besides barrel racing so thanks again and i am gonna try these! thanks! whitney and april marie

3/11/2007 4:17:09 PM
person meat said:

yay this really helped me and my dog... i mean horse his names d.o.g. ill try this tip... thank you!!!!!!!!!!


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