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Lazy Horse

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What should I do about a lazy horse?

Lazy Horse

Is your horse doing more loafing than trotting? If your once active horse has become a lazy horse, you may have a problem. Your first instinct may be to re-train him but don't jump the gun. Before making an effort to alleviate the situation yourself, you should make sure that it is a behavioral problem rather than a health issue. If you even have the slightest hunch that your horse may be ill you should consult a veterinarian immediately and have him perform an evaluation of the animal. If the vet finds that the problem is not health related you probably have a horse with an attitude problem.

Start by putting the horse through a lot of conditioning drills (roll-backs, counter cantering, trotting, half-passes, driving up into the bridle, turns on both the hind end and forehand, counter bending, etc.). You may find that your horses reluctance was due to boredom—this will help with that. In addition, it will improve his overall shape.

Don't let your horse get away with new behavior problems! If your horse is displaying reluctance or aggressiveness, it's best to address the situation before it goes any farther. Talk to an experienced trainer or coach and seek advice. It's also a good idea to pick up a few books about horse training that can give you guidance.



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