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Briding Books for the Kiddies

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What kind of riding book should I get for my child?

Briding Books for the Kiddies

Whether your child is just beginning to ride, or is already a champion in the ring, there are countless horse books available geared toward teaching kids the various aspects of equestrian life.

If your child is brand new to the world of riding, think about getting books that cover general horse care and grooming as well as a book or two that cover the riding basics. These types of books will help your child on the right track as far as maintenance and riding is concerned. Make sure that the child understands that having a horse is a responsibility, not a game. If your child has never ridden before, don't rely on books alone to give instruction. Read through some books with your child before enrolling in lessons with a qualified instructor.

If your child is a little more advanced, select books that focus on specifics like difficulty landing jumps or struggling to trot in place during competitions. Whatever the problem is, there's sure to be book with a step-by-step solution.



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