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Go Easy on That Horse!

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How can I protect my horse from injuring himself on rocky terrain?

Go Easy on That Horse!

Trail riding is a hobby that many horse enthusiasts enjoy. The problem is, however, that some terrains can be dangerous for your horse. Riding over rough, rocky terrain or extremely hard surfaces can lead your horse to injury if you don't go onto it with caution. The best advice on how to protect your horse's legs from injuries inflicted by these types of environment is to stay away from them or ride them in moderation. And, when you do take your horse riding in these types of areas, don't push him too hard.

If trail riding on rocky terrain is something you feel the need to do, protect your horse. Stop by a local horse riding supply store or find a good one online and invest in some pads for under your horse's shoes. If you're unsure on what to buy, talk to a professional about what type of pads would best suit your horse.



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