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A Little Bit About Snaffle Bits

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What are the different types of snaffle bits?

A Little Bit About Snaffle Bits

A snaffle bit is a useful piece of horse equipment that you can pick up at any number of tack stores. There are many varieties, however, and choosing one can be tricky. Here is a little guide to help you differentiate one type from another:

• The Eggbutt snaffle bit is the most gentle of all snaffle bits because it will not pinch the corners of the horse's mouth. It is called “snafflebutt” due to the fact that it has an egg-shaped connection between the mouthpiece and the bit-ring. It can be made out of a number of materials including copper and synthetic.

• The D-Ring snaffle bit pretty much needs no explanation. The bit ring is shaped like the letter "D".

• A Loose-Ring snaffle bit has a mouthpiece that is attached to a full-round ring. This way the mouthpiece can slide around and allow any horse to position it in a natural way.

• The Full Cheek snaffle bit offers extra protection. It has cheek pieces that avert the bit from being pulled out of the mouth.



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