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The Hot Seat

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How should I choose a saddle seat?

The Hot Seat

One of the most important aspects of a saddle is the seat. How are you supposed to get anything out of it if you can't sit on it, right? When shopping for a saddle, you want to select one that will allow you to sit the stop. The seat of the saddle should rest extremely close to the animal's back. You do not want space between your horse's back and the saddle—the closer the better. Keep in mind that anything more than a few inches above the back is far too high.

The middle of the saddle seat should be the lowest point on the saddle, also called the "pocket". If the pocket is back too far on the horse, the rider will be forced against the cantle. And, if it is too far forward the rider will slip up onto the swells.

Do not get a seat that is too small! You need adequate sliding room. An average man usually requires a seat that is 16 to 17 inches. And, the average woman generally needs a seat that is 16 to 16 ½ inches. Also, if you want more security when you ride, choose a seat that is built up in the front. And, for additional comfort, purchase a saddle seat cover for your new purchase.



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