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Hit the Trails

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What do I need before I go trail riding?

Hit the Trails

About to embark on some trail riding? Not so fast! There are safety precautions that should be addressed before hopping on that saddle. First, you need to examine your tack thoroughly and make any and all repairs, no matter how minor. Additionally, you should bring string, strips of leather, and a pocketknife on the trail with you so that you can make any temporary repairs to tack damage while on the trail.

You should never trail ride alone—especially long distances. If you are flying solo and you have an accident or become injured you could be in big trouble. Without assistance, even the most minor injuries could turn out to be life threatening. The buddy system is a good system!

You should wear quality hard-soled boots (make sure they have a small heal). You don't want boots that have deep arches or large treads—these make it easier for your feet to get tangled in the stirrups. Additionally, never hit the trails without protective headgear. We all know that helmets can work wonders in the event of a fall but they can also protect you from bumping your noggin on low branches. You can pick up all of this gear at any good horse tack store or on a number of good Internet sites.



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