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Healthy Hooves for a Happy Horse

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How can I keep my horse's hooves healthy?

Healthy Hooves for a Happy Horse

A horse's hooves are amazingly resilient, however, titanium they are not. A hoof is actually a living organism and quite capable of being damaged and stressed. It's useful to apply a hoof moisturizing cream to the hooves to help keep them healthy. However, if your horse does develop cracked, dry hooves try applying Vaseline with a paintbrush (this also a great rain repellant).

If your horse is continually suffering with dry, brittle hooves, has cracked hooves that won't keep shoes, or chronically suffers from sore feet, it's a great idea to invest in horse supplements for hooves.

*Make sure that any hoof supplement you select contains Biotin and Methionine. Biotin is essential to all connective tissue and Methionine is an amino acid that is crucial in achieving healthy hooves.



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