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Frequency of Administering Dewormers

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How often should I administer a dewormer?

Frequency of Administering Dewormers

You should use a dewormer at least twice a year to protect your horse from both bots and worms (Ivermectin is a product that is effective on both). If you want to administer the product strategically, there are two key times of year to use it: In the beginning of spring when the larvae leave the stomach of the horse, and at the end of fall following a killing frost and the removal of all eggs form the coat of the animal.

A simple way to worm your horse is by using a paste dewormer. This method is essentially mess free and a synch to handle with one hand.

Most dewormers come in either a high volume dose of about 20 milliliters, or a low volume dose of about 6 milliliters. The majority, however, are low volume as these are the most simple to administer.

*Before administering any dewormer, clean your horse's mouth of any food and check the expiration date on the bottle or tube. In addition, a dewormer paste should ALWAYS be kept at room temperature (if it is too warm it will be less likely to stick to the palate and tongue, and if it is too cold it will be difficult to administer as it will be stiff.



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