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Deworming Your Equine

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How should I select a dewormer for my horse?

Deworming Your Equine

There are countless horse dewormers out there and they are all designed to do the same thing, so what's the difference? After some time, parasites will become resistant to certain dewormers. As a result, researchers constantly create new dewormers that are capable of eliminating worms in different stages of development. If you don't know what kind of dewormer your horse needs DO NOT guess—you could be jeopardizing the animal's health. Instead, take a fecal sample to your veterinarian and allow him to determine what, exactly, your horse needs.

Please take extreme care when ridding a horse of worms—killing too many worms at once is dangerous and could harm the animal. If a large amount of worms are killed they could become lodged in the intestinal area and cause an intestinal tract blockage.



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