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Clean Your Equine's Mug with Care!

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How should I clean my horse's face?

Clean Your Equine's Mug with Care!

Cleaning a horse's face is a key part of horse grooming and is delicate business - go about it with care. After you have cleaned the body, the horse should be used to being bathed and a face wash should go without incident. You never know, however, so be attentive.

To begin, rinse and wring out the sponge that you used to scrub down the rest of the horse. Then, climb atop a stool or ladder so you are even with the animal's head. Rub the sponge over the horse's face and head, wetting it completely. Start under the eye then up to the forelock (be careful of the eyes). Get the cheeks and the chin. Want a hint? Clipping the strap directly to the top ring on the right of the halter is often an effective way to clear the under area of the jaw without affecting the eye with the strap. Rinse the sponge again, wring it out to avoid drippage, and remount your ladder or stool. Then, scrub the facial areas a second time—minding the eyes.

It's not necessary to use a ton of soap unless your animal is filthy. Follow up the sponge with a rub down using a rubber mitt. Get every area of the face, as well as behind the ears, and underneath the jaw. Then, rinse a fresh sponge in clean water, wring it out, and rub down the head and face again, avoiding dripping into the eyes. Frequently rinse the sponge as you go to remove any soap. Finally, wring out the sponge until it is just about as dry as it can get it, and give the face one more scrub down. Finish off the job by wiping out the nostrils.



5/17/2007 10:28:40 AM
Stefani said:

Good tip, however imo NEVER step on a stool or ladder when around a horse. Horses are unpredictable, even if well trained, due to their flight responses. Would not want to be knocked off my ladder or get stuck in it! Please teach your horse to lower it's head, with a little patience a small feat.


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