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Don't Let Knots Drive You Nuts

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How can I remove knots and tangles from my horse's mane?

Don't Let Knots Drive You Nuts

Most horses won't object to being groomed, which makes it easier for you. One of the first things that people will notice about your horse is his mane, how does your horse's mane look? Before you comb a horse's mane, assess the situation. How long is the mane? Is it knotty or matted?

If you fail to groom a horse regularly he may have twisted, knotty hair that is a nightmare to untangle. If your hose's mane is not in this condition (which hopefully is the case) start combing the mane from the top of the animal's neck and work your way down. If you should happen to encounter any knots, stop combing, hold the area of the neck at the top of the mane with one hand for support, and work the knots out. Pull hard but not too hard—you don't want to injure the animal. Huge tangles and knots will take much more work and you will probably have to go at it strand by strand. Comb downward from the neck towards the feet. Make sure that you go in the natural direction of the way the hair hangs.



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