Horse Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by "breaking a horse"?

Fly Spray, What Works? Natural & Chemical?

How do I start a horse under saddle?

How Can I Prepare A Horse To Learn Haunches In or Shoulder In?

Is There Some Suggestions For Childrenīs Camps?

Can I Perform Massage On My Horse?

How Do I Get My Horse Not To Overreact To Anything That Scares Him?

Recommendations for joint therapy?

Can You Describe A Hoof Abscess?

Is Laminitis or Founder Life Threatening or Serious?

Can You tell me something about Alfalfa?

Is Alfalfa a hay?

Are Any Horseback Vacation Sites on The Internet?

what is the history of the Belgian Horse?

What is the differences in Breaking A Horse Versus Joining Up?

Suggestions for Joint Therapy?

How Do I Get My Horse To Stop Bad Riding Habits That Have Developed?

what is the definition of a Sport Horse?

What is the horseīs reaction to Fiddleneck?

What is a Buckskin Horse?

What is the horseīs reaction to Lantana?

How do I choose a coach for someone/adult/child just beginning to ride

What Is The Pulled Mane Look?

Quick Tips To Retraining Older Horses?

Does my tension affect my horse?

what are the Breed Characteristics of the Holsteiner?

What are some bad/good horse/rider combinations?

What are some bad/good horse/rider combinations?

I need two dieseases that are caused by Viruses, and three diseases th

Suggest a course at schooling level when all levels share course/arena

What is the reaction to Black Walnut in horses?

How do I know I am riding with my horseīs motion?

How do I know if I am riding with the motion of the horse?

Should I Pick My Horsesī Feet?

How Do I Get The Most In My Horse Mane/Tail ?

What Is Laminitis or Founder?

My Horse Is Afraid Of When I Make Him Work On Anything He Dislikes

What Is A Corn? How Do Horses Get Corns?

How Do I Free Lunge A Horse?

How do I correctly Free Lunge a horse?

how pure is the Cleveland Bay Bloodlines of today?

How Can We Use What We Have & Our Children Ride Comfortably?

who are the AB Clydesdales?

What is wrong that my horse keeps his mouth open?

what do I ask to find a coach/instructor?

What Is Navicular Disease?

Can A Diet Make A Horse Hot?

What Is The Best Way To Bit A Horse?

What Are The Signs Of Navicular Disease?

What Is Thrush, Canker, and White Line Disease?

What is a horseīs reaction to Maple leaves?

Instilling Good Ground Manners

Where Can I Start Looking For Childrenīs Camps In My Area?

List some camps in the NE of USA/Canada?

What Is The Most Important Quality in Horses Overcoming Fear?

Regular Grooming Necessity!

Is Beet Pulp a good substitute?

Why feed beet pulp?

How would you care for an orphaned suckling foal? How long does each h

How do I get a fluffy look to a horseīs body coat?

What is the horseīs reaction to Wild Jasmine?

Some exercises for riders to develop strength & balance are?

Sample of Beginner Jumper Course at a Schooling Show?

What is joining up?

How Does A Horse Get A Bruised Hoof?

grazing rye grass, Are there any rules to follow on rye?

What Is The Name of A Bitless Bridle?

what is Dressage?

What Do I Look For In A Childrenīs Camp?

Do I Have To Have Shoes On My Horse?

How Do I Braid A Tail?

How Do I Go About Training Green Horses or Youngsters?

What is a bale?

Do You Have Any Suggestions Of Horseback Riding Facilities In The NE?

What is the proper way to pick up a horseīs feet?

what are the pros and cons of feeding rice bran to horses?

Is there alternatives to asking for the canter?

Is there alternatives to asking for the canter?

What Can Be Done For Joint Degeneration?

How do you remove a double bridle?

How Do I Fit An English Saddle For Horse and Rider?

What is the most attractive of all Parade Horses?

Need suggestions on economically lighting a new 200`x70` outdoor arena

How Can I Learn A Jumping Position Fast, & FUN?

What Are Hunters?

Childrenīs Camps In The Western USA/Canada?

What is meant by "sacking out"?

Childrenīs Camps In Western USA/CANADA?

Rules For Feeding Horses?

What Is An Invaluable Training Aid For Working With Horses?

Development of The Muscles & Cardio in a Fit Horse/Rider.

How Do I Go About Finding A Competant Farrier?

body clipping how to do it with a horse that has cushing disease? Very

I was wondering if you caould tell me the difference if any between br

Apprentice Programs, Colleges, Training Available But Where?

Buying Show/Riding Clothes Is Sooo Expensive!

What Can We Buy For Horse Crazy Children?

What Should Go Into A Barn First Aid Kit for Horses & People?

does a certain feed effect the speed of a horse, what do famouse race

How Do I Train A Colt To Have A Great Gait/Muscle For In Hand Classes?

Why Does My Horse Go With His Mouth Open?

How Do I Load A Spooky Horse in a Trailer.

I always bring along a friend to the barn, is this okay?

How Is Laminitis/Founder Diagnosed?

Is There A Shoeing Reference Book/Manual?

How do I know how long to turn out a horse on pasture?

How do I test my knowledge of pace/stride of a horse?

What is the Endocrine System?

Can Using Blinkers/Blinders Be A Bad Thing?

A recommendation for beginning advanced level jumping course?

What should I do B4 enrolling in a trade school, college, apprentice?

Are Sand/Quarter Cracks Painful?

What are physical problems affecting a pulling horse?

Will My Horse Benefit From MSM, & Other Products On The Market?

What kinds of horses can be helped with MSM type products?

What is the proper adjustment for stirrups(e.g. length, amount of knee

Do you have information on what is a Quarter Horse?

The Rules of Caution About The Use of Blinker Hoods

How can I spot lack of impulsion?

What Is The Requirements Of Trail Classes?

What Determines The Ratio of Feed Per Horse?

How Do I Get That "High Gloss" on My Show Horses?

how do I braid my horse for English or Western?

Do Horses Have To Wear Shoes?

Where Can We Shop For "Horsey" Children?

What Can I Buy For Horse Crazy Teens/Adults?

Tips For Warming Up or Cooling Down Horses

How Do I Keep My Horse From Staining?

Are there advantages or disadvantages in fencing in a horse using stee

What are the lrecognized eg markings of the Appaloosa Horse?

What is a gruella colored horse?

What are the accepted coat patterns for the Appaloosa Horse?

Can Low Backed or Swaybacked Horses Be Ridden?

How can I make my horseīs coat shine?

How Do I Know When My Horse Is Foaling?

Adjusting Stirrups For Western Saddles Proper Length

How do I adjust western stirrups?

What are the qualities of a good western horseīs temperment?

How important is the temperment in Western Horses?

What is the function/benefit of the Endocrine system in the horse?

What is the function of the muscles, tendons, ligaments of the horse?

What is the function of the muscles, tendons, ligaments of the horse?

What is the appendicular skeletal system of the horse?

How does a rider benefit from trotting poles?

What is the benefit of trotting poles for beginners?

Is There A Different Way To Braid A Mane?

Are Bounces Beneficial For My Horse?

How Can I Teach My Horse Scope & Balance For Jumping, Fast & FUN?

What Is A Show Jumper?

How Do I Recognize A Western Barrel Racing Saddle?

Where Should I Focus or Look When Jumping?

What is a good book that covers Everything in Horse Care?

what are the recognized coat colorings accepted by the Appaloosa Horse

What are the recognized face markings of the Appaloosa Horse?

Does it matter how the presenter stands when showing In Hand?

Does it matter how the presenter stands when showing In Hand?

What is a great book that covers everything on horse care?

What are the requirements of Parade Costumes?

what is Hold Your Horses about?

How do I know the color requirements for a Palomino Horse?

What Is Necessary To Know Before Teaching Collection?

Does It Matter How My Farrier Puts On My Horses Shoes?

What is Valerian?

What would be a beginning for teaching a horse to jump w/out a rider?

What would be a beginning for teaching a horse to jump w/out a rider?

What does the term breaking out mean?

In training horses, how do I look for horses that enjoy the work?

How do I use DMSO?

What Is The Correct Way To Apply A Leg Poultice?

How Does A Bosal or Hackamore Control A Horse?

What Is Showmanship?

How Do I Get The Correct Lead From One Fence To Another?

How Do I Know An All Purpose or Eventing Saddle?

Why use Liniments and/or Braces?

What Is A Hoof Abscess?

How do I find a coach for a beginner, adult/child?

Considerations before you buy a horse are?

Is there an alternative to annual flu or rhino shots?

Why does my horse speed up when I release contact?

How Do I Choose A Coach For A Beginner Rider?

how can I learn how to properly present my Arabian/Morgan/ASB In Hand?

Where do I find Thrush, Cankers or White Line Disease?

What are some different varieties of hay?

Do you know where I can find recipes to make horse treats at home?

Can You Tell Me Something About Thoroughbreds?

Should I try to out muscle a horse?

How Do I Make Plain Tack Fancy For A Parade?

How can I tell if someone is using the horseīs mouth for balance?

How do I know when I am balancing by my hands on the horseīs mouth?

What are the qualities of a great jumping/eventing horse?

What is the function of the appendicular skeletal system of the horse?

What is Brome, Orchard or Kentucky Bluegrass Hay?

Liniments can aid against stocking up?

What & When Do I Use A Short Crest Release?

Can I Help My Horse To Stretch His Muscles On The Ground?

a quick easy to read Veterinary book?

Clipping Checklist.

If I See Something Isnīt Right At A Barn, Should I Say Something?

What Is A Gaited Horse?

What Is The Benefit of Dressage?

How Do I Recognize A Western Pleasure Saddle?

What is the benefit of Probiotics?

Can You Suggest Horseback Riding Vacations In Western USA/CDN?

Design course at schooling show when all levels share arena/course?

What are some bad horse/rider combinations?

Why do horses stumble?

Are there Horseback Riding Vacations Western USA/Canada?

what do i need to do to build up muscles on my 8 month old colt that i

how did the Belgian Horse color come about?

How much do you feed a horse ?

What are probiotics? Can horses eat yogurt?

Why are oats the most popular horse feed? Why do you have to soak suga

To keep a handy reference of important Equine Phone Numbers?

Some exercises to perfect a posting/rising trot?

How do I perform a good posting trot?

How do Trotting Poles help horse/rider in beginning jumping?

What is a cradle?

Quick Tips For Beginning A Young Horse?

What Are The Possible Causes of Laminitis/Founder?

Decorating A Martha Stewartīs Barn

How Can I Help To Teach My Horse To Be Supple?

When & Where & Why Long Crest Releases?

Are There Any Childrenīs Camps In My Area?

What are Trace Minerals?

How To I Determine My Helmet Size?

Do jumps need to collapse?

In teaching students, small obstacles are considered to be?

What are considered to be upper level or advanced fences?\

Can anything be given to help fight sand colic in horses?

What are the signs of EPM?

How do I properly size a helmet?

Camps in the Midwest USA/Canada

What are some Equine Vocations?

How High Should Beginners Be Expected To Eventually Jump?

Is there a preventative for Sand Colic?

3 health precautions for showing a horse and 5 safety and courtesy rul

What should I do in a after class line up?

recommended layman books for First Aid & Treatment?

What is a blue Roan Horse?

What is the definition of success?

Is a soft mouth a benefit for a horse?

what do I do if my horse eat a bunch of grain?

What is important about a horseīs mouth?

What is the benefit of a soft mouthed horse?

How do I know if I have it to succeed?

What is impulsion?

How does it help me or my horse to use bounces/grids?

How do I develop impulsion?

Sample for a beginning level intermediate course, at schooling show?

How do I test the scope of my own eye in jumping?

Recent Horse Questions

Q. how do you do a fishnet braid

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Q. I have an 11 year old standard breed. She used to be a Pacer at a local track. I have been feeding her Charger food and hay. She has a pasture which has pretty much been munched down by her. It seems to me that she is loosing weight. Her ribs are visible but not severely visible. Is there something I can feed her to put her weight back on. She is very active and does`nt seem to be weak. She recieves a coffee can of food in the morning and one at nite, also 4 carrots each day. Do you think she may need to be wormed. She does`nt act sick or anything. Excuse me for sounding so ignorant but this is my first horse and I am learning as I go. Thanks for any info you can pass on.
A. Click for the Answer

Q. I am going to be showing my arab mare in-hand at a local show in the next couple of weeks and wanted to know what I should be wearing. I was going to put on a white shirt, white jodhpurs, black boots, white gloves and just a normal black blazer and would like some advice on if this would be acceptable. It has been that long since I have been in the showing scene that I have lost touch with what you should be wearing, etc. I don`t wat to go out and buy the proper jackets as this show will probably be a one off. Thanks in advance, Caroline
A. Click for the Answer

Q. what is the difference between a hunter and jumper?
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Q. 3 mth old colt. He rares up and strikes out. Never had one do this so don`t know the CORRECT way to stop it!!!!!!!!!!!! He is halter broke and leads good but has an attitude at times. Just about to wean him and would like to correct this problem first. THANKS FOR YOUR TIME
A. Click for the Answer

Q. My horse was kicked very hard in the left shoulder. We have put/strapped ice packs on her on 20 off 20. She is eating and drinking. When she moves she will drag/barely pick it up the injured leg. We contacted a chiropracter and hope he can come out in the morning. Should we try to move her or just keep her still or let her move when ever she wants to?
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Q. Our 27-year-old Arabian mare has developed a crystalline-type discharge which accumulates on her underbelly. We cannot find a source, and it does not seem to be coming from her udder. It has made the skin there sensitive (we have used Betadine to clean away the discharge) and raw, and we noticed some swelling there on one side today. We have been giving her MSM and glucosamine sulfate recently to assist in her arthritis and a kick last winter to a knee joint by another horse.
What is this?
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Q. How do I roach my horse`s mane?
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Q. I was recently asked a question regarding jump styles that I could not answer.... can you help? What are the differences between the stlye (use of color) in the hunter/jumper classes and stadium jumping?
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Q. I have had upper back pain for about 2 years now.Have tried chrio and massage therphy and acupunture. They all seem to work some but can only afford so much. any thing i can do at home to help priblem. seems to get worse at the time of my menstrual cycle.
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Q. how do I braid the mane and forlock of a Tennessee Walker for show
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Q. I have a 5 year old Arabian with 1/8 Pinto mix that has just gone through a thorough vet check. The vet said that the mares right front foot exays shows signs that her coffin bone has slipped. We bought this horse to train and ride in endurance. How does this slipped coffin bone effect her future endurance riding career???
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Q. Hello,

Mt yearling had a huge problem with me picking up or even touching her back legs. I have been doing since day one and I have tried everything. Im running out of ideas and im starting to get a little worried because I dont want her to hurt herself or me. It is very important that her feeet stayed trimmed..So please please let me know it you have any ideas or tips...

Thank you
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