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Getting The Correct Leads

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How Do I Get The Correct Leads, Before/After Each Fence?

Getting The Correct Leads

To have a horse get the correct take off, and the correct lead upon landing you must only look in the direction of the next fence when you are within three strides of the current fence. If you look at anything else from within three strides of the fence in which you are preparing to jump, you will throw off your horse's sense of direction, and his sense of balance.

I guarantee, once your horse knows that he can trust your new sense of direction by your following this rule of thumb, your horse will get the correct lead every time before and after each fence. Once your horse knows that he can trust your eyes to lead him, you can begin to half halt on the leading rein to the fence following the fence that you are about to jump.

Do not begin using the half halt for at least a month after you are sure that your horse is following the directional lead of your eyes.



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