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Wardrobe, Please!

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What type of English riding apparel should I wear?

Wardrobe, Please!

English riding apparel should be neat and elegant. English riding is graceful and stylish and an English rider should look the part. If it's time to step into wardrobe and your clueless, have no fear; we're here to help. Here is a brief guide that will have you looking perfect from head to toe:

• You should where a light-colored shirt and secure the shirt with a tiepin.

• English riding pants are called breeches. They should have suede pieces on the inner area of the knees—this will give the rider a better grip on the horse.

• The riding jacket should be a dark color and should end just below the waist.

• The boots should be leather, hit just above the knee, fit snugly, and be black or brown. Make sure they are slender enough in the foot area so that you're not struggling to fit your feet in the stirrups. Don't forget to but spurs on those babies!

• A helmet should fit the shape of your head perfectly (even if that requires adjustment padding). And, do not bunch your hair up underneath the helmet.

• A crop will finish the outfit off (it should be around 36'' long).



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